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Welcome to TimeZone Gaming!

Heroclix now in stock!

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Magic 8/13

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We will not be having MtG draft this week (8-13) .I apologize but we could not get the product in time.

I had an idea and was curious if anyone would be interested. I know it is last second and sorry about that.

We will be doing a Standard tournament. $6 entry where if we have 8 people , 1st place will get a FtV Annihilation . For each player after 8 all entries will go into the prize pool. Everyone entered will receive promos. This will be Wed. 8/13 at 6:30.


Batman Day & Doctor Who Comics Day!

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Tomorrow Wednesday, July 23rd we celebrate 75 Years of Batman! We'll be having 10% OFF all Batman product, as well as the new 75 anniversary comic book issues, in addition to other in store activities! If you come dressed in a good Batman costume you'll get an additional 10% off Batman product. We'll also have cupcakes to celebrate 75 years of the Bat! ***See here for more info!***


This Saturday, July 26th is Doctor Who Comics Day! The Doctor Who comics are getting a reboot and specially designed for that day are two new comics featuring the 10th and the 11th Doctor. We'll be having 10% OFF all Doctor Who product, trivia, costume contest, and more! Step into the T.A.R.D.I.S and into another dimension at TimeZone to celebrate Doctor Who! ***See here for more details!***


Pokemon Training Boot Camp

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Closed Sunday July 20th!

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We will be closed on Sunday, July 20th. There will not be any Sunday tournaments that day. We are open today and tomorrow. Magic 2015 is out for purchase. Magic FNM is tonight at 6:30pm and Vanguard at 6:30pm! Tomorrow is Magic Legacy, Yugioh, and Vanguard at 1pm!

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