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Welcome to TimeZone Gaming!

New Events and Other Fun Updates!

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We're proud to announce these cool new updates and events to our store:

- Starting Friday, July 11th we're adding an additional night of Vanguard tournaments! Entry is $6 and each player receives pack on entry. Starts at 6:30pm so arrive early and plan ahead!

- Starting Monday, June 23rd, we're hosting Open Play Gaming on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays from 12pm until 5pm! Bring your card games, board games, and role playing games and play in our air conditioned gaming room!

- This year we're participating in Halloween ComicFest on October 25th! Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to the date!

- Magic the Gathering Magic 2015 Pre-Orders are now live on our site! Pre-order your M15 product here!

- We just got in the new Game of Thrones Westeros Intrigue game! Read more about it here.

- We've also started our Blog and Newsletter back up. Check out our Blog here and sign-up for our newsleter over on our Facebook page here.

- We're also looking for anyone who wants to run role playing games and encounters at our store. We're also looking for serious cosplayers for future events at our store. If interested in running games or being a cosplayer at our store feel free to message us on Facebook, or send us an email.

- Also, we are looking to buy video games and systems, Magic/Yugioh singles, and comics! All must be in mint condition and must work. Video game discs must come in their original cases, and the systems have to have all their wires and controllers they came with originally.


Free Open Play

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Starting Monday,  June 23rd our game rooms will be open for free casual play from noon to 5 everyweek day except Tuesdays. So grab some friends and come play in our air-conditioned room!

TZG Newsletter

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We have started a weekly newsletter with upcoming events, products, sales, etc. If you would like to receive our newsletter either go to our Facebook page and click the Join My List button or email mary@timezonegaming with newsletter in the subject. This is a great way to know everything that is happening at TimeZone Gaming!

Wed. Magic Drafts

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Theros Block Booster Draft (Theros, Born of the Gods, Journey into Nyx) Start Time - 6:30pm Entry Fee - $15.00 (players receive apromo just for playing) Format - Magic Booster Draft Prizes - Store credit based on attendance. Prizes will be store credit based on attendance
Last Updated on Thursday, 29 May 2014 16:40

Yugioh Primal Origin Sneak Peek

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Yugioh Primal Origin Sneak Peek Saturday & Sunday May 10th & 11th at 1pm **Sign-ups begin at 12pm and packs are handed out at 1pm!** It's a $20 entry and players will receive 5 booster packs and a promo card. Your name will be entered into a drawing for a play mat! Space is limited so plan accordingly! The regular Yugioh tournament will be held at 1:30pm, but it is NOT for Primal Origin!


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