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Welcome to TimeZone Gaming!

Vanguard Sneak Preview EB-07 "Mystical Magus"

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Saturday April 5th, $20 entry, packs are given out at 1pm.

Tournament Announcements

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Starting April 2nd we will be adding a couple tournaments every Wednesday Night


Magic the Gathering Pauper

Start Time - 6:30pm

Entry Fee - $5.00

Format - Magic Pauper , 4 rounds of swiss

Prizes - Store credit to the top4/8 (based on attendance)


Ban List for Pauper - Cloudpost

                                        Cranial Plating

                                        Empty the Warrens

                                        Frantic Search


                                        High Tide


                                       Temporal Fissure


Yugioh Advanced Constructed

Start Time - 6:30pm

Entry Fee - $5.00

Format - Advanced Constructed , 4 rounds of swiss

Prizes - Store credit to the top4/8 (based on attendance)


Prizes will be awarded based on standings at the end of the swiss rounds.


All entry fees collected will be award as store credit. Players are encouraged to create accounts on our online store where they can store their credit for future purchases. Want to save up for a box? Want to save up and buy sleeves as you need? Great uses for credit. Store credit can be used for anything other than tournament entry and snacks.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 March 2014 12:40

New Product in Stock

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Come check out the new products we just got in!

Journey of Nyx Pre-Orders

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Journey of Nyx Pre-Orders are now on our online store. Check it out and guarantee yourself some of the 3rd set in t he Theros Block. 

Journey of Nyx


RPG Players Wanted

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I'm planning on running a game of 'The One Ring' a new-ish Middlearth rpg
system by Cubical 7.

Ideally, the game will meet alternative Mondays starting this Monday, March
3rd.  I currently have 2 players and would like 2-3 more.  (My group and I
are searching as well.)

The campaign will take play in the greater Mirkwood region in between the
events of the Hobbit and the War of the Ring.  I am interested in serious
role-players interested in deeply narrative play style.  The campaign's
mood will be very dark, similar to Ravenloft in many ways.  I have not run
with this system before, but am a 15 year table top veteran and publish
module author.

If interested message the store and we will pass your info to the DM.


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